Kids on the internet

A course developed by Kaspersky about child online safety


This course is suitable for
Learn digital literacy and online communication ethics
Protect yourself and your loved ones from modern web threats
Anyone who uses the internet
Safeguard your child online while maintaining a relationship of trust
You will learn
What children watch on the internet and what services they use
What is cyberbullying and how to prevent it
What personal data should not be published on social networks
Why privacy settings are important and how to customize them
What sort of internet content is described as destructive and how to respond to it
Why you need a parental control solution and how to use it without violating your child's boundaries
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5 min
Course program
01. Where kids hang out online
Children's interests online: what they watch and which social networks they use
How to choose a parental control solution
02. Data Privacy on social networks
Oversharing: the information children publish on social networks without realizing it can be seen by anyone
Information that may be valuable for cyber criminals and how to protect it
03. Cyber security and online communication ethics
The impact of cyberbullying on children and how to mitigate it
What to do if your child is exposed to abuse and other destructive content on the internet
04. Online threats and how to deal with them
The threats and types of fraud you can face online
Popular threat channels and ways to protect against them
Cases with analysis
of real situations
Tests for self-examination
Cartoons about safety for children
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